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    Child Custody Attorneys Near Me

    Child Custody Lawyers Near Me

    Child custody attorneys who has experience in child custody cases can be very helpful in getting you the best new or modified child custody arrangement.

    It is always important to think of what is really best for your child when such situations arise and it is, therefore, essential to have someone like a child custody attorney on your side who knows exactly what he or she is doing.

    By contacting a child custody lawyer for your case you can assure yourself a winning opportunity to get your best interests and that of your child or children represented.

    The truth is that if you have been blessed with children but have decided to divorce, you need to agree on different things that affect your offspring.

    There needs to be a parenting plan in place where custody and the frequency of visitation have to be set.

    Divorce can be a stressful decision and it is not always easy to see eye to eye, especially when custody issues are involved, as such, you may need the intervention of a divorce law firm.

    Thes lawyers can make a petition in court for you and help you negotiate the best custody arrangements.

    What Is New or Modification of Child Custody?

    According to the U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration U.S. CENSUS BUREAU, “an estimated 13.4 million parents lived with 22.1 million children under 21 years of age while the other parent(s) lived somewhere else.”

    Also,  US Census Bureau data from 2013 shows that of the 14.4 million custodial parents in the United State, 48.6% agreed to either an informal or legal child support agreement. About 88% of those agreements were done via the court or other government entity.

    Custody laws differ from one state to the next, however, most states have got uniform child custody and enforcement act that governs how such cases are to be handled. There are different types of child custody and they include:

    • Legal custody where a parent makes decisions regarding the life of the child. The basic decisions include medical care, religion, and even education. Legal custody can be shared between parents am in such a case, they will have to discuss and agree on the decisions.
    • Physical custody is yet another facet of child custody. This involves where the child will be living physically. In the past, it was common to have shared physical custody. However, in the present day, one parent may have the child over the week while the other watches him or her over the weekend.

    So as to determine who gets a child’s custody, a lot of matters are taken into consideration. The child’s best interests are put first.

    Who Are Child Custody Attorneys?

    Child custody attorneys are family law lawyers who can help you negotiate child custody orders legally.

    These lawyers are licensed in their state to represent their clients in custody order and family law cases.

    How Can a Child Custody Lawyer Near Me Really Helpful?

    Often times people think that they can just go to court and file their case and handle it on their own without the help of a child custody attorney.

    However, if you are getting divorced or separated from your spouse, you need to make some decisions regarding your children. This involves where and with whom the kids will live.

    By contacting a child custody attorney, you can get assistance in the negotiations. This can be done outside the court or in court. If you become the custodial parent, then you will have all rights regarding the child’s education, welfare, and even lifestyle.

    Do not be that one person that shows up to court not prepared and taken advantage of because your former spousal lawyered up. Get it right the first time by hiring an experienced law firm to represent you.

    Hiring a child custody attorney might be cheaper in the long run.

    Here is how these lawyers can help out:

    • File the correct paper works
    • Respond to the other party lawyer
    • Negotiate on your behalf
    • Show up to trial and court on your behalf
    • Advise you on legal options

    Choosing The Right Legal Presentation

    There are many things to look for when choosing a law firm for your child custody case.

    Some of those things are:

    • Experience
    • Do they exclusive practice family law
    • Have they handled similar child custody case like yours
    • Their success rate
    • Communication style with clients
    • Payment options
    • Price
    • Their resources
    • Do you feel comfortable
    • Did they answer your questions
    • Their pricing structure ( will you be charged for  5 minutes email or not. Find out about these things

    Other Areas Related To Child Custody

    There are other areas of child custody that child custody lawyers can help you with.

    These areas include child support, alimony, divorce, child visitation rights, paternity, and grandparents rights.

    If have any of the mentioned please speak with a lawyer for help immediately.

    Child Custody Attorneys Cost

    Child custody lawyer cost varies from one state to the next and from city to city. Bigger law firms might charge more compared to a solo attorney.

    A child custody attorney fees can range from $1200 to $5000 depending on the complications of the case and what they have to for you. If the case goes to trial then the attorney fee will be higher.

    How They Charge Clients

    Family law lawyers charge their clients in many ways. It all depends on the attorney and on the complications of the case.

    Here are the most popular ways attorneys for child custody cases typical charge their clients:

    • Flat fee: Some attorney charges a flat fee, especially, for simple cases.
    • Hourly: Some lawyers charge by the hourly which can range from $250 to $400 an hour
    • Retainer: Basically you will put a certain amount down and each time the retainer is nearing a finish you will reload it.

    Some law firms will use a combination of the above so make sure that you understand exactly which pricing scale your legal representative is using for their services.

    Paying For Representation 

    When it comes to paying for attorney representation for your child custody case you have many options, especially, if money is tight.

    Here are ways you can pay for your representation.

    • Ask for payment plans
    • Legal finance
    • Ask for friends and family help
    • Crowdfunding like GoFundMe
    • Borrow from family and friends

    One of the ways to reduce your attorney fees is to not let your case drag on.

    Know what to fight for and what to give up.

    Do not let emotions cloud your judgement.


    Can I go to child custody without a lawyer?

    Yes, you can. However, it is not recommended because if the other party lawyered you may lose your case as lawyers typically know about the court system and the law.

    How can a father win a child custody?

    There are many things you can do legally as a father to increase your chances of winning child custody. Some of those are:

    • Build a strong relationship with your kids
    • Be a great father and be there for your kids on their schools and other events
    • Pay your child support on time
    • Keep an accurate record of everything
    How can I get a lawyer with no money?

    If you do not have a lot of money for child support representation, you should ask for a payment plan option as some lawyers will be willing to work with you. You can also finance as there are companies that finance family law and divorce cases.

    How can a mother lose a child custody case?

    There are many ways a mother can lose a custody case. The mother have to be found unfit. Typically these unfit reasons include but not limited to:

    • Abusing a substance like alcohol and drugs
    • Abducting the child or children
    • Sexual abuse
    • Child abuse
    • Not being involved in the child life
    • Making false and illegal accusations

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    The field of family law or child custody law is always evolving, this is why it would be important to have the right family lawyer who understands the laws of your state to help you navigate the often confusing and complex family law court.

    Like most parents, you love your child and children and would like to have full or shared custody.

    Call us today to be connected with a new or modification of child custody attorneys who might be able to help you.

    The call is free. Remember to ask for a free consultation or affordable payment plans to help you with your legal fees.