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    Family Law Lawyer: Family Law Attorney Near Me

    A Family Lawyer Near You Assistance Can Make Your Life Easier and Uncomplicated Your Family Law Case

    A Family law attorney is an attorney who specializes in the law which has to do with any of the disputes or matters having to do with families.

    A Family law attorney handles family law cases such as adoption, divorce, child support, child custody, same-sex marriage, father’s rights, and other related legal matters, etc.

    You see, family law issues can be complicated because of emotions so this why it is recommended that you hire the right family lawyer near you to help guide you and look out for your best interest.

    You may be asking how exactly can a lawyer for family law cases help me? These attorneys can make your life easier by filing the proper paperwork, negotiating with the other parties’ family lawyer(s), listening to you, and representing you in court trials, etc.

    What is Family Law?

    Family law is the area of law that deals with family relations and issues.  Family disputes happen all the time. So this area of law handled these disputes. Family legal issues are complicated and this where family law comes in to help mitigate these issues

    Types of Family Law Cases

    Generally, family law comprises of the below categories (other than the ones mentioned above), and most of the time a family law attorney is experienced in dealing with them. Below are the types of family laws.

    1. Marriage law, civil unions, and domestic partnerships
    2. Surrogacy
    3. Juvenile law
    4. Paternity
    5. Alimony
    6. Supervised visitation etc

    Before continuing further, a brief or a succinct description of some of the terms mentioned above has been provided for the sake of your clarity or clear understanding.

    1. Adoption refers to the scenario where, owing to certain circumstances which may be those of either divorce, or a lack of funds on the parents’ part, or unwillingness to keep the child, or, in case the child was or is a love-child (that is, illegitimate). In this case, it is a group of people, say a family, or maybe even government-owned or controlled institutions like Witness Protection or foster-care homes take these children in.

    2. Divorce refers to the scenario where, the parents of children (or their child), or a couple (that is, a husband and his spouse) move to legally end or dissolve their marriage; this scenario could arise because of a number of circumstances like infidelity of one, or both, of the partners involved, or lack of mutual love, or, insolvency of either one of them or both of them, etc. and many more similar reasons. In this case, the soon-to-be-divorced couples attend the court proceedings, attends the trials, divide the property among themselves, the husband gives or pays the alimony demanded by his wife and thus, their marriage is absolved and now live as independent individuals, who are not legally bound to each other.

    3. Child Support refers to the scenario where, a child’s life (that is, education, everyday expenses, etc), is paid for by either both or one of the parents who do not or cannot live with the child, or do not live together (for example if they are divorced). A child support attorney can assist you in handling your child support related issues.

    4. Child custody refers to the scenario where a child is handed over to the legal, that is, government authorities, in the event of some misdeed on the parents’ part, or some mishap or the other with respect to the parents, for example (corporal punishment, that is, mercilessly beating the child for even the tiniest mistakes, etc). In this case, the ownership of the child passes to the government or the legal authorities.

    5. Surrogacy refers to the scenario where, another woman (that is, a woman who is not the actual mother of the child she carries) is the carrier of the child of the second woman because the second woman is infertile or her womb has rendered ineffective etc. In this case, though the child technically belongs to the second woman, it is the first woman (the surrogate mother) who gives birth to the child.

    6. Alimony

    7. Paternity law

    8. Juvenile law

    The fact is that when it comes to family law issues, there are so many categories and they are all complicated which is why seeking the assistance of family law attorneys to help you understand them and see the best options for your particular case would be a wise choice to make.

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    Should I Hire a Family Law Attorney Near Me For Help?

    As we briefly mentioned above there are many benefits to get a family law legal representation. This is one of the most important decisions which you have to take since the difference between having a family law attorney near you and not having one is quite a significant one, which could have an impact on your life.

    Hiring a family attorney will have some of the benefits mentioned below.

    1. The legal costs generally incurred during legal proceedings will significantly cut down since you will only have to pay the fees of your own lawyer, who, as it turns out, will be your family lawyer
    2. You can often receive unsolicited advice (on some occasions and cases free of charge)
    3. They will look out for your right and aggressive look out for your best interest according to the law
    4. They will file the proper paperwork and follow-up in a timely manner

    The decision to hire a family lawyer or not (is left to your discretion).

    Types Of Family Law Attorney Fee Arrangements

    Before you hire a lawyer it is always important to know and understand the various fee arrangements he or she offers, and a family law attorney is not an exception. Below are the most common fee arrangements family lawyers ask for:

    Retainer fees arrangement: Probably one of the most common fee arrangements lawyers ask for in family law cases is a retainer.  The retainers basically a down payment from which future costs are billed.  Retainer fee arrangements can be confusing so make sure that the attorney you are considering hiring explains everything in detail on how it works. Ask if it can be refunded if you decide not to work with the attorney anymore etc.

    Hourly rate arrangement: Another option popular is the hour rate arrangement. A family lawyer will bill you hourly or a fraction of the hour worked on your case. This type of arrangement can be tricky because you have to be clear on what is being charged. Some lawyers will charge you for even replying to your email for 2 minutes. So make sure that you understand this arraignment in detail.

    Flat rate arrangement: This type of arranging is rare and lawyers offer this type when the family law case is a simple case like just filing for divorce paperwork for you without further representation.

    There are other fees a family law firm might charge you so make it sure that you understand exactly how you will be charged before you sign to hire any family law lawyer.


    The cost of your family law case will depend on the type of case. Another factor will be whether or not you want to go trail or mediate your conflict.

    For example, in the case of a divorce, the cost of the divorce will typically be reduced if the parties are willing to use a divorce mediator. Also the longer your case drags on the higher lawyer fee you will pay.

    Another factor is whether or not you are starting a new case or modifying an existing family or divorce order.

    The best thing to do is to speak with a law firm near you to get an accurate estimate.

    Affordable Family Law Payment Plans & Free Consultation

    Whenever you speak with a lawyer that handles family law issues, please feel free to ask for payment plans if you can not afford the fee upfronts. Some law firms will give you a 25-50 percent down of the retainer while you pay the rest as the case owns. Do not let price prevent you from getting the help that you need.

    Connect With A Local  Family Attorney Near You

    The right family law attorney with the latest information on divorce is necessary to handle family law cases professionally in court, especially when the state laws change constantly to accommodate the changing lifestyle and technologies.  A lawyer will probably make your life and family law case easier because they will handle filings and respondents for you and appear in court etc. Call us to be connected with a family attorney.